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Mobile Patrol

Many clients require regular inspections of their properties or facilities. These inspections can be used to secure your property, lock or unlock doors, escort contractors, escort employees, or simply deter crime. Each patrol is recorded with dates, times and occurrences which can be forwarded to our clients at a predetermined time or on demand. Should our patrol officers find an irregularity at your site, they will follow a set of protocols (post orders) to ensure each incident is handled exactly as you desire.

Dane Security only uses new, clean, highly visible, fully marked and professional looking patrol vehicles. It’s our name on the side of each vehicle and our reputation at stake every kilometre they are driven. We take that seriously and keep each client and our own professionalism in mind at all times. This longstanding practise guarantees our clients that we will not miss a patrol, regardless of the circumstances.

Safely securing your site while ensuring your professional image is what you can expect from Dane Security.