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Introducing Dane Security 

Dane Security has come a long way as a company since our modest start in 2006. We started with two employees in a one room office and today we are comprised of many dedicated people in our offices of Vancouver and Surrey

Our motto is “People First”. Our qualified professionals are dedicated to provide the highest caliber of security and protection services available.

Dane Security is not just bricks and mortar, uniforms and signs....rather people working together to serve our clients.

Our growth has proven that our management and our employees together contributed to our success. This combination has enabled us to provide a premium value to our clients.

We are lucky to have excellent people working for us and our management style is well liked by our employee, that’s our philosophy “Take care of you employees and they will take care of the clients”. We focus on the following 6 main types of security services:

1-      Security Guards

2-      Mobile Patrol

3-      Alarm Response

4-      Concierge Service

5-      Strata Security

6-      Specialized Hotel Security

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