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Strata Security

At Dane Security strata site security guards are licensed. They are expertly trained before placement on the site. We have a team of employees designated to strata security.

Our Strata site guards go through an extensive program before formal site training. Our program provides special courses. Include are strata security procedures, noise complaint resolution, conflict resolution, access control, fire alarm response and evacuation procedures, boiler and electrical room checking procedures, standard patrol procedures, (paging/call/alarm) response procedures, drunk person handling, basic elevator troubleshooting, party and crowd control, and many other property management and security related courses. Once our guards have completed the extensive program, they receive formal site training related to the site where they will be working. This is what makes our special strata site security guards the best in the market.

Our consultants will be sent to your site free of charge and they will work with you around the clock to get your premises secure. Any security related questions and concerns you may have will be accommodated expeditiously. Dane Security’s promise is your satisfaction within your budget. All security consultation from Dane Security is provided free of charge. Call today to setup an appointment!